iphone 5 china

Launch an imitation pirate iPhone 5 in China. A company in China a supposed 5 iPhone launches to the market, but is actually a copy of what could be the real iPhone 5. With the rage of the launch of the iPhone 5, a Chinese company took the time to launch its own version of what could be the new Apple smartphone.

It hopes that Apple presented the new iPhone 5 in October, despite all the rumors of Apple that mentioned that its new smartphone would be in September, some sources have confirmed that it will be up to the month of October, that the company has had problems with the processor and want to offer the user the best in this new iPhone 5.

These images of the copy of the iPhone 5 fact in China were leaked to the Internet a few days ago and the community began to speculate whether it would be the original model or the final version of the iPhone 5, despite not having recorded the number 5 thought it might be the last Apple smartphone. Now known that the data were filtered by employees of the factory of components but not really much information given.

This new iPhone 5 imitation was developed in the city of Shenzhen, this is a very slim model of only 7 millimeters in width, its design is different from the iphone 4, with more rounded corners as they explain in Reuters.

This imitation has a screen with finished of plastic, has the Apple logo beneath the camera to take photos with LED flash. There is also an operating system based on JAVA, internal memory of 64 GB and WiFi with a value of $108.

We could say that there are possibilities that this model is based on the original design of the new iPhone 5 but only with time we will know.

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